Format: CD
Label: RHD
Catalog: 2152
Rel. Date: 01/01/1996
UPC: 012676215220

Live & Funny 1
Artist: Redd Foxx
Format: CD
New: Available $6.98

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1. Intro; I Drink a Little While I Work; Death Is Worse Than Cancer
2. I Say Sh*T Because I'm 48; St. Bernards Sh*T; WWII Veterans; No
3. Chinese Are Clever; Lazy and Shiftless; Get Drunk Tonight
4. You Look Like Jesus; Is That a Gold Tooth; Depression
5. Roach in the Kitchen; Heckler in the Audience; Holding Black Peo
6. True Blue; Pretty Woman; Toasts
7. I Didn't Go to College; My Lovely Wife; Whites All Look the Same
8. Row Row Row Your Boat; I Love Mexicans; More Toasts
9. I Hate Midgets; Broad Jumping; Arrested For Rope; I Know Voodoo
10. I've Got Indian in Me; Even More Toasts; Pro in a Bar
11. Sonny Lister's Sister; When You're in Love; Killing Germs
12. Ex-Lax Brothers; I Write Beautiful Music; Jim Cato Intro.

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