What Do I Do With Me
Artist: Tanya Tucker
Format: Digital


Formats and Editions


Not only was ''What Do I Do with Me'' Tanya Tucker's highest-charting album ever on the Billboard charts reaching #6 in the Country albums and #48 on the Pop albums categories, but it also won for her the Country Music Association's Female Artist of the Year award for 1991. Although there were no #1 hits, four of its tracks managed to rise into the Top Ten Country Singles charts: They were the title song "(Without You) What Do I Do with Me" and "Down to My Last Teardrop" both at #2, "Some Kind of Trouble" at #3, and "If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight" at #4. Other noteworthy tracks include "Bidding America Goodbye (The Auction)," which concerns the plight of the American family farm. Also of note is the Paul Kennerley-written two-stepper, "Trail of Tears." - Wikipedia

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