Under The Black Light
Artist: Rilo Kiley
Format: CD
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Solo projects blow, even when they're totally awesome. For what its worth, most folks would give Blake Sennett's Elected albums a B- and Jenny Lewis' Watson Twins one-off a B+, but what they really, really want to pore over is the valedictorian thesis: the fourth Rilo Kiley album. By god, they're finally getting it, a new platter allegedly focusing on the "seedier side of Los Angeles life" (as if there were any other). Need proof? Try the departure of a first single "The Moneymaker" and its curious disco sheen. Then try the accompanying video; its long-form version forces you to sit through nine minutes of HBO documentary style porn auditions (seriously) before the actual song kicks in. Crazy! Sexy! Cool! Now as long as Ben Gibbard doesn't steal Lewis away for a Postal Service follow-up, everything'll be fine.

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