Format: CD
Label: Emi
Catalog: 53827007
Rel. Date: 03/11/2003
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Slow Motion Daydream [Import]
Artist: Everclear
Format: CD
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Everclear's Art Alexakis doesn't want a lot out of life. He just wants"to believe in a world that does not seem real." Unfortunately, realityrears its head across the 12 tracks on Slow Motion Daydream.
Since forming Everclear in the early ‘90s, Alexakis has plowed a nicheas a rock ‘n' roll everyman, a plain-spoken social observer who employsuncommon intelligence and wit in commenting on the vagaries of life. He doeshis fair share of railing against the heavens—and the Earth—but heseldom comes off as gratuitously self-righteous. He's more of a wry guy,as best evidenced by the hilarious "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom," inwhich the onetime bad girls, strippers and porn stars become "blonde-bland-middleclass-republican"wives in the suburbs.

But there's also an underlying seriousness and sophistication throughoutSlow Motion Daydream—Everclear's first release since 2000—thatgives the album greater heft and resonance. Post 9/11 trauma haunts "TheNew York Times," while the kidnapping of two girls in Oregon inspired thehaunting "Chrysanthemum." Alexakis swipes at U.S. Attorney GeneralJohn Ashcroft in "Blackjack," and sentimental memories of a drug-fueledsummer turn bitter in "Sunshine" when he notes that "I neverthought a good time would turn into a lifestyle."

Slow Motion Daydream also has plenty of Everclear's stock-in-traderock crunch—particularly in songs such as "Blackjack," "Sunshine,""How to Win Friends and Influence People" and the hidden track "WhiteNoise." But Everclear and company also include strings and moodier arrangementsfor the likes of "Science Fiction," "TV Show" and "ABeautiful Life," while accordion lends a gentle, homespun quality to "Chrysanthemum."The two Songs From an American Movie releases of 2000 were certainlyambitious, but Slow Motion Daydream takes a prolific creative spurt toanother qualitative level.
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