Girls Like Me
Artist: Gorky Park
Format: Digital


Formats and Editions


1. One Love At A Time
2. I'll Come Back As Another Woman
3. Fool, Fool Heart
4. Just Another Love
5. Girls Like Me
6. Somebody To Care
7. It's Only Over For You
8. Daddy Long Legs
9. You Could Change My Mind
10. Still Hold On
11. Strike
12. Tell Me Why
13. My Generation
14. Ocean
15. Two Candles
16. All Roads
17. Tomorrow


Following a phenomenal rise to the top of the country music charts that lasted through most of the decade of the 1970s, Tanya Tucker hit a dry spell by the early 1980s. The hits became few and far between as her personal life devolved into alcohol and drug abuse and turbulent love affairs with several singers and actors. Girls Like Me was the album that started the more mature-sounding second phase of her career. Four of the tracks would rise into the Billboard Top Country Singles charts, including the #1 "Just Another Love." "I'll Come Back as Another Woman" and "One Love at a Time" would do almost as well at #2 and #3, respectively. Rounding out the Top Ten hits was the #8 "It's Only Over for You." Tanya Tucker was back on top again, beginning a long stretch of critically acclaimed albums that certified her status as a country music legend. The album rose to #20 on the Country Albums chart. - Wikipedia

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